10 Resources For Every Children’s Ministry Leader

10 Resources For Every Children’s Ministry Leader

resourcesThere are more resources for Children’s Ministry than ever before. Whatever you need, it’s available! And there are far more than just 10 resources that I could list here, but here are 10 that I believe every KidMin leader should follow or invest in (in no particular order; please add yours with a link in the comments):

Magazines These bi-monthly magazines offer huge returns for a very small investment:

Websites Blogs & other sites offer free leadership development and resources. Here are a couple of my favorites: 

  • RelevantChildrensMinistry.com My friend, Dale Hudson, writes what I believe is the most consistent, insightful blog on leading in children’s ministry (along with ours, of course :))
  • Ministry-To-Children.com A HUGE wealth of free resources for your children’s ministry.

Conferences I would highly encourage you to take advantage of a conference at least bi-annually, if not annually. Exposure to quality teaching by experienced veterans, AND the networking opportunities with people who are in the trenches just like you simply cannot be duplicated. Here are a few general ministry conferences I would recommend for any leader:

Books Commit to reading one chapter a day and it will accelerate your leadership faster than you can imagine. Here are 3 great options that can be directly applied to our roles leading children’s & family ministry (even though they aren’t written for children’s ministry leaders): 

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