10 Stupid Things We Do Leading Our Children’s Ministry

10 Stupid Things We Do Leading Our Children’s Ministry

Why do we do stupid things

It might seem harsh – and “stupid” isn’t a word I like to use – but sometimes we are just downright stupid in leading our Children’s Ministry! Why do we do things that will hurt us, those around us & our ministries?

I don’t know, but over & over I’ve seen myself & others do these things…

10 Stupid Things We Do Leading Our Children’s Ministry 

1. Try and do everything myself 

  • this leads to burnout & attitude issues

2. Beg for volunteers 

  • this leads to not taking the time or energy to clarify a compelling vision that will draw people to my ministry

3. Don’t equip (train) volunteers properly 

  • this leads to low quality ministry, also known as childcare

4. Discount the value of developing leaders 

  • this leads to limited ministry potential

5. Never encourage my team 

  • this leads to high turnover & bad morale

6. Don’t connect my ministry to families 

  • this leads to what happens at church stays at church…instead of having greater impact

7. Neglect the equipping of parents

  • this leads to arrogance of thinking I am the primary spiritual investor in children’s lives

8. Speak poorly of church leaders instead of handling issues properly 

  • this leads to being “that” person that causes the most damage in my own ministry

9. Place my ministry over my family 

  • this leads to very misaligned priorities that will lead to significant regret

10. Disregard my own spiritual formation 

  • this leads to the perfect formula for personal & corporate failure in ministry

These are just a few of the silly things we do in ministry.
What would you add? 

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Greg Baird
Founder of Children's Ministry Leader & Vice President of Global Resources at David C Cook
The most important thing to know about me is that I am blessed beyond measure to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to have married way over my head to my wife, Michele, and that I have two incredible teenage sons named Taylor andGarret.

I serve as the Vice President of Global Resources in the Global Mission department at David C. Cook.

I love what I do as it is the outflow of 25 years of ministry experience as Children’s, Family & Administrative Pastor, consultant, trainer, speaker and short-term missions leader.

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