18 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader

18 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader

Children’s Ministry can be a crazy ministry to be a part of, much less lead. After nearly 30 years in Children’s & Family Ministry in one form or another, it is my belief that it can both the most rewarding and the most challenging all at the same time!?

When I started, I was clueless. Seriously…clueless. And over the past 25 years or so, as I’ve worked with leaders throughout the country and around the world, I’ve found many that others are just as clueless. Many people who step into Children’s Ministry literally have no idea what they are getting into.

So here are a few things I’ve learned?along the way, and that everyone needs to know before becoming a leader in Children’s Ministry.?

18 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader

1. Leading in children’s ministry is not primarily about the kids.

2. Everyone would assume that I knew how to change a diaper…I didn’t.

3. Children are the most responsive group to the Gospel, and the most receptive to discipleship.?

4. The standard answer in Kids’ Church is “Jesus”, “God” or “the Bible”.

5. Jesus gave a promise and a warning about serving kids (look it up: Mark 10:42 & Luke 17:2). He didn’t do this for any other group.?

6. There is always -?always?- one parent assigned to be an hour or more late to pick up their kid from?special events. Always.?

7.?Children’s Ministry is hard.

8. Cool-aid puke stains Fellowship Hall carpet really bad. Do NOT let that happen or the maintenance crew will NOT be happy.?

9. Senior church leadership?can be key to successful Children’s Ministry.?

10. Impact in Children’s Ministry begins in the nursery.

11. People can be very creative in saying no to serving.

12. Only so many marshmallows could fit into a child’s mouth before coming through their nose. This is very important to know.?

13. You will be part of shaping the very type of faith that Jesus desires (Mark 10:16)

14. You may?relinquish my rights to attend the main service ever again. But try not to because attending “big” church is critical for you.?

15. You are not primarily responsible for the spiritual growth of a child, parents are. Work hard at not assuming that responsibility, because parents can be really good at abdicating it unknowingly.?

16. Saturday night dates with your spouse?will forevermore be spent frantically trying to find substitute teachers.

17. That the Holy Spirit can work powerfully in a child’s life, just as in an adult’s (in other words, there is no Jr. Holy Spirit).

18. It may be the?most complex & challenging ministry to lead?in the church but, really, it’s not that hard.?

What else should you know before becoming a Children’s Ministry Leader?

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