6 Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry

6 Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry

Chefs teach kids in schools how to cook as part of Luminato.

Many people have the gift of teaching and are almost naturally wonderful at connecting with kids. Others find themselves in a teaching position (volunteer, usually) and, perhaps, don’t have that gift. Or, they simply have never exercised it.

Regardless, there are several general principles that every volunteer teacher can and should incorporate into their ministry with children. 

6 Teaching Tips for Children’s Ministry

1. Immerse your ministry in prayer. 

  • Pray for a “heart for kids”
  • Pray for understanding – of the kids; of the scripture you are focusing on; of the entireprocess
  • Pray for the kids

2. Investigate Important Information.

  • Learn about the kids you are leading – age level characteristics; personality types; general interests, etc.
  • Learn different presentation methods, techniques & tools
  • Understand how people learn (visual; auditory; kinesthetic)

3. Invest in relationships.

  • Know the child (individually)
  • Know the child’s family & home situation
  • Be proactive in building a relationship
  • Check out this post for more on how relationships impact our teaching

4. Incline yourself to prepare well.

  • Plan all aspects of your class at the beginning of the week
  • Communicate with other team members as necessary
  • Arrive on time to be ready for the 1st child – that’s when class begins

5. Include kids in the learning process.

  • Ask many questions
  • Keep them active – change presentation every 5-7 minutes, depending on age
  • Let them participate in the learning process (skits; characters; etc.)
  • Check out this post for more on how to be engaging

6. Incorporate the Gospel into every message.

  • Realize that you may only have one opportunity
  • Be ready to share the Gospel corporately & individually
  • Emphasize the significance of the Gospel in relation to anything you are teaching
  • Check out this post for more on role the Gospel ought to play in our teaching

What Teaching Tips Would You Add? 

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