9 Questions to Ask as You Raise Your Children’s Ministry Team

9 Questions to Ask as You Raise Your Children’s Ministry Team

Team1Raising a team in Children’s Ministry is vital. You can’t do it by yourself, or even with just a few committed leaders. You need a TEAM.

As you raise up this team, here are some questions you must answer:?

1. Am I committed to raising a team in my ministry??

Seriously, are you committed to what it takes to work with a team rather than doing things yourself? This may mean giving up some control, letting others have more input, and stepping back from your “upfront” role in to more of a vision-casting/leadership role, among other things.

Are you ready for that? Because of your not, and you try to raise a team while still maintaining control of everything, you will fail.

2. What will be the most significant benefits to team raising in my ministry??

You need to be able to identify these and believe them. If you don’t then as you share the vision and invite people to be part of the team, you won’t be as believable – because they need to know and believe these things, also!

3. What obstacles need to be overcome to raise a team in my ministry??

Is it culture? Is it systems and processes? Is it that one dominating volunteer? Does your pastor expect you to do everything? Or maybe…it’s YOU.

If you don’t know what the obstacles are, you will have a hard time getting over them.

4. Have I laid the groundwork for raising a team (staff structure, ministry descriptions, etc.)?

Get your systems and processes in place because the more people on your team, the more systematic everything needs to be in order to manage it well. Do a thorough evaluation of everything a team member might engage with and make sure that it’s not only in place, but flexible enough to grow as you add team members.

5. Am I focused on “relational” team-raising??

“Ministry always happens best in the context of relationship.” Focus on building relationships and it will naturally lead to conversations of being part of the team.

6. Is there a compelling vision for a team to focus on??

Vision is what it’s all about. People engage with a worthy vision. If you haven’t already got this, get it done first. Then understand how to share it succinctly and with excitement.

7. Have I identified avenues to share the compelling vision in order to raise a team??

You can’t be the only one sharing the vision. You’ve got to equip your current key leaders to share the vision, as well. And it should be part of just about everything you do. Here’s another post about sharing your vision if you want more ideas on how to do this.

8. Is the assimilation process easy to understand, enabling new team members to quickly engage??

When it comes to raising a team, it begins with an effective assimilation process. A new team member should be able to go from invited to engaged as quickly as possible. But you’ve got to do it right, without missing vital steps (like proper screening). If your process takes too long, you have a very good chance of losing them before they even get started.

9. Is the current training program engaging, effective and empowering??

When it comes down to it, you have a one sentence job description.?You, as the ministry leader,?”are to equip God?s people to do his work and build up the church”. This might begin with orientation and move on to basic training, then focused training, and on-going training and leadership development. It matters less what the structure of your training is and more that it’s effective. Is it?

What else would you ask as you begin raising a team for Children’s Ministry??

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