What To Do After A Big Children’s Ministry Event

What To Do After A Big Children’s Ministry Event

What To Do After A Big Children's Ministry Event Special weekends – Easter, Christmas, etc. – can be?huge for “the church”. ?It is typically one of the highest attended weekends of the year, and one of the most demanding for Children’s Ministry leaders. Afterward, Children’s Ministry Leaders are usually?tired, but thoughts of your big day bring a smile to your face (I hope!). ?It was a good day! But whether you serve in a small, medium or large church, it was HUGE for you!

But now what? Here are 3 ideas…

What To Do After A Big Children’s Ministry Event

1. Thank the people who served with me.tired

As leaders in Children’s Ministry, none of us can do this alone. ?I always remind myself that I & my staff get paid to do this, but my volunteers have all put in long weeks elsewhere and serve on their own time. ?I need to have a grateful spirit and be sure to express it.

  • Send a mass email to volunteers sharing some great stories and saying thanks.
  • Make a few calls to core leaders to say
    thanks and have a laugh about that “situation” that didn’t go exactly right but worked out anyway.
  • Write a few notes to those who don’t serve regularly but helped out for the big event.
  • Submit a slide for the “big house” announcement loop or note in the bulletin for next weekend.

2. Think about what went right and what went…not so right. 🙂

Though you are tired, now is the time when everything is fresh in your mind, so capture the thoughts in order to do better next time.

  • Carry a small note pad with you and just jot down notes as you think about them. (I used to always carry a?Moleskine to capture ideas, thoughts, etc. Now I just use Evernote on my Iphone).
  • Send a quick email to your core leaders asking them for feedback.
  • Schedule a specific time with your staff (and/or core leaders) to evaluate the event (I like to do this at Starbucks, or over lunch – it’s another way to say thanks).

3. Thaw.?You are tired!

Some of you are looking like this gal pictured here!

So it’s time to?just chill out and relax! ?Be intentional about rest. ?Jesus was…why in the world wouldn’t we be???

  • I always have avoided taking Mondays off because I don’t want my “family time” to be when I most tired. ?However, after a big event you might think about taking the next day off just to rest, if at all possible.
  • Another line of thought is to work the day after the event – cleanup, evaluate and get things in order for the following week so it’s not on your mind when you are resting – and then take the following day to rest.
  • The point is to find a time to rest that works for you. ?And during this time, do whatever it is that energizes you. ?Sleep, go to a movie, read a book, exercise, or whatever. ?But be as intentional about your downtime as you are about your worktime.

What would you add to?Thank, Think & Thaw?after a big event?

(please share in comments below)

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