FREE: New Believer Follow-Up Book for Children

FREE: New Believer Follow-Up Book for Children


We are excited to welcome a new sponsor here a Children’s Ministry LeaderLet the Little Children Come is a leader in providing child evangelism tools for parents and ministry leaders all over. And they generously offer this free resource: the New Believer Follow-Up Book for Children

Here is a little bit about the booklet from our friends at Let the Little Children Come:


Perhaps you’ve used one of our Gospel Tracts or our Salvation Bracelet to share the gospel. Or maybe you’ve run a successful child evangelism event and children have come to believe in Jesus.

That’s great and wonderful! Congratulations!

But what’s next?

We believe that follow-up is important to help all new believers grow in their relationship with Jesus – and this includes children.

We suggest giving this free downloadable e-book to children who are new believers: Welcome to the Family: A Follow-Up Book for Children.

This book is written to help children grow in their new-found faith. Welcome to the Family: A Follow-Up Book for Children is uniquely written as an engaging story for the children to enjoy. At the same time it weaves in explanations of basic Christian truths, such as:

  • Who is God? Who is Jesus?
  • What is sin and why does sin separate us from God?
  • How can you be reconciled with God?
  • What is the Bible? Why is it important to read the Bible? Where do you begin reading?
  • What is prayer? Why pray? How, where, when and what to pray?
  • What is church? Why do we need to go to church?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do?
  • Why should we tell others about Jesus? What should we tell them?

Click on this link to download Welcome to the Family – A Follow-Up Book for Children.

There are many ways you can use this book.

  • You can print a hard copy of the book for the child, or help the child download it on his/her e-book reader.
  • You can give this book to children to read on their own, and make an appointment with them to share with you their thoughts and questions about the book.
  • You can organize a follow-up class to discuss the book.

We hope that you will find this free resource useful.

Be sure to get this new FREE resource, and check out all their other resources, as well! 


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