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Newton First Church of the Nazarene Published: 08/05/2017


Newton First Church of the Nazarene is a vibrant, growing church located in America’s heartland. Only minutes from Wichita, our community has a small town feel with all the amenities of a big city. We are seeking a team player who is interested in serving families by loving God and loving others.

The Family Life Pastor will give primary focus to youth and children’s ministries covering cradle to college.

Overall Goal: Coordinate and oversee activities for youth, children, and families that promote fun, fellowship, spiritual and ministry involvement.

Youth Ministry Expectations:

  1. Serve as the primary youth speaker, teaching God’s Word in a way that is both relevant to the age and culture of a youth and produces lasting life change.
  2. Develop gifts of youth and offer plenty of opportunities for them to lead in ministry.
  3. Motivate youth in doing evangelism both through lifestyle and planned outreach.
  4. Direct and conduct weekly youth meetings, including large group and small group meetings.
  5. Organize and involve youth in special events for study and growth. These regular events will engage not only church families but also those in the community.
  6. Set up regular youth mission trips coordinated with Nazarene Missions International (NMI) President.
  7. Work closely with and support the Nazarene Youth International (NYI) President.
  8. Project, submit, and track a youth ministries budget.
  9. Communicate and promote activities to youth, congregation, and community through announcements, meetings, church bulletin, social media, mailings, posters, etc.
  10. Work with Kansas District Church of the Nazarene on major youth events such as camp and conventions.
  11. Establish and maintain a healthy relationship with schools.
  12. Equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their youth.
  13. Oversee ongoing volunteer training in partnership with the Sunday School Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) Chair.

 Children’s Ministry Expectations:

  1. Work with ministry leaders to find, recommend, and make available curriculum for children.
  2. Organize and provide equipment for effective ministry to children and families.
  3. Provide opportunities for children to lead in ministry.
  4. Work with children’s leaders in providing job descriptions and requirements of workers.
  5. Equip parents in their role as primary disciplers of their children.
  6. Encourage communication between parents, children, and children’s ministry leaders.
  7. Oversee ongoing volunteer training in partnership with the Sunday School Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) Chair.

General Expectations:

The following are expectations for all pastoral staff at Newton First Church:

  1. Possess strong presentation and teaching skills.
  2. Hold strong relational and team building skills.
  3. Faithfully tithe and generously give.
  4. Keep a calendar of events for a year in advance. Your calendar can change. The goal here is vision and in preparation.
  5. Be where you say you will be when you say you will be there, and be prepared.
  6. A willingness and ability to pioneer new things and inspire others to new initiatives.
  7. Education is a lifestyle. All staff are expected to keep learning through reading, studying, and continued education.
  8. Mentor up and mentor down.
  9. Attend staff meetings.
  10. Participate in all general church services and functions.
  11. Maintain office hours in balance between expectations for a member of the church staff and the realities of effective ministry. Keep staff informed of daily schedule through Google Calendar.
  12. Maintain regular prayer, study, fasting, and serving.

Experience Qualifications:

  1. At least three years of leadership experience.
  2. Four-year college degree preferred. Other qualifications and training will be considered.
  3. Must agree with our Mission, Beliefs, and Core Values as found at

Salary and Benefits:

  1. Salary: negotiable depending upon experience.
  2. Hours: This is a full-time position.
  3. Additional: Laptop and cell phone allowance provided.

Please Provide:

  1. Cover Letter explaining why you think this job will be a good fit for you and us.
  2. Resume
  3. A picture of you and your family, where applicable
  4. Please answer the following questions:
    1. How did you come to know Jesus Christ and what are two of three ways you’ve grown in your spiritual walk in the last few years?
    2. What nationally known pastors or churches have influenced you?
    3. What books, blogs, or podcasts over the past 24 months have influenced you?
    4. What do you see as the role of the parent, the pastor, and the church body in the lives of children and youth?

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