What Are Your Ministry Communication Standards (Part 2)

What Are Your Ministry Communication Standards (Part 2)

no_refillsIf you didn’t read the original post about my experience with a local McDonald’s, go here first and read the post about standards, then come back and read the rest of this post.

So I’m back in McDonald’s the other day getting my dollar soda, and as if the original signs weren’t bad enough (see previous post), now they’ve added this sign, right to the soda dispenser!  It actually gets in the way of filling up your drink!  They are so determined to get this message across to you – a message that may apply to 1% of the people filling up and for a problem that may cost them a couple of bucks a week – that they are not only willing to put up ugly, offensive signs, but they are willing to inconvenience you as you fill up your drink.


I know it’s a small thing but it’s a huge annoyance.  They are so focused on the few who take advantage of them that they are willing to offend and inconvenience the many who are loyal customers.

But again, as in the previous post, I ask the question: how often do we do that in our churches? It’s one reason why evaluating our Children’s Ministry is so important.

So what do we learn from this new sign from my friends at the local McDonald’s?

  • When you don’t stay focused on the good & right things (loyal customers in the case of McDonald’s) that are fulfilling your vision (making a profit by providing cheap, fast food), you risk losing them.  How does that apply in our ministries?
  • When you don’t look through the eyes of your customers, you are willing to lower standards for the sake of protecting the petty at the expense of the valuable.  What are you protecting in your ministry that’s costing you in the big picture?
  • When you don’t evaluate regularly in light of the highest standards of your defined vision, you tend to make mistakes over and, in fact, make them worse.  What mistakes are you making for lack of evaluation?
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