What Are Your Ministry Communication Standards?

What Are Your Ministry Communication Standards?

mcd_signRecently I was at McDonald’s (hey, they’ve got sodas for a buck, free, wifi & big tables to spread out on!).  It’s a nice McDonald’s, as McDonald’s go.  They keep it clean & everything is in good shape.

And then I saw this sign.  

What?  Are you kidding me?

First, are people coming in off the street really that big of a problem? I mean enough to put up an ugly sign with lots of exclamation points on it?!?!?!?!?  Really?

Second, how does an ugly, tape peeling off, pink, poorly worded sign fit in with the rest of the establishment? Really? And, oh, yes, there were THREE of them in about a 10 foot section of the wall behind the drink dispenser. Really? It’s that important to get this message across to all of your customers?

So I was thinking about it and I was wondering how often we do stuff like this in our ministries.

How often do we focus on minors.  When sending a message – any kind of message – ask yourself how important it is to send.  Remember, we are all bombarded with messages every day.  You want tomake sure the ones you send are important and worthwhile.  I’m going to remember this sign, but I really don’t remember any other communication I saw in McDonald’s that day.

And when you do send/post a message, what does it look like?  I mean, look at this sign…we really can’t do better than this?  As a Children’s Pastor, I banned hand-written signs in the kids ministry area.  If I saw one, I’d take it down – I don’t care what it says.  You just can’t create a hand-written sign that looks decent!  And signs like this one? No way! It looks terrible (much more it sends a very negative message that applies to maybe 1% of those who see it).

So what are your standards for communication?

What kind of messages are you sending via your signs, emails & bulletin communications. Are they really important? Are they worded well? Are they necessary?

What do your messages look like?  Do they go with the rest of the environment?  Are they as professional as possible?  It’s a question worth asking about your children’s ministry…what are your standards?

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Greg Baird
Founder of Children's Ministry Leader & Vice President of Global Resources at David C Cook
The most important thing to know about me is that I am blessed beyond measure to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to have married way over my head to my wife, Michele, and that I have two incredible grown sons named Taylor and Garret.

I serve as the Vice President of Global Resources in the Global Mission department at David C. Cook.

I love what I do as it is the outflow of 25 years of ministry experience as Children’s, Family & Administrative Pastor, consultant, trainer, speaker and short-term missions leader.

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