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Greg Baird (founder of Children’s Ministry Leader) has spent 25 years leading in Children’s & Family Ministry. As a pastor, consultant and speaker, he has influenced hundreds of churches and thousands of ministry leaders (see more about Greg by clicking here). He now does this full-time internationally with David C Cook, but he still loves to collaborate locally (throughout the US) to help leaders & churches create healthy Children’s & Family Ministry. He does this on a very limited basis, but let us know what you need and we’ll see what we can do.

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Children’s & Family Ministry Assessment ~ You cannot know where to go or how to get there if you don’t know where you are now. Our ministry assessment incorporates a wide variety of information gathering techniques (everything from surveys to personal interviews and on-site observation) to review ministry programs, systems, policies, branding, assimilation, equipping, and more. Based on this information we will provide insightful feedback on the overall health of your Children’s and/or Family Ministry.

Children’s & Family Ministry Strategic Consulting is a collaborative conversation to help you fit together the pieces of your Children’s & Family Ministry puzzle. It typically serves as the second part of the Children’s & Family Ministry Assessment, but also can be a stand alone partnership to address any number of different objectives, including:

  • consulting1Long & short term ministry planning;
  • Alignment of Children’s & Family Ministry vision & program with other areas of the church;
  • Recruiting & equipping volunteer staff;
  • Solving space & facilities issues;
  • Creating effective spiritual formation processes which engage parents as primary disciplers;
  • Leading change & implementing new program ideas;
  • Staff selection, management & development;
  • Challenges unique to your environment.

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Ministry & Leadership Development (Individuals or Teams) ~ Having a coach can make all the difference in the world! Someone who’s “been there, done that” and knows the right questions to ask can be invaluable. In this coaching, we offer a mix of intentional teaching and personal & ministry discovery. We’ll cover ministry topics as:

  • Exceptional Children’s & Family Ministry: What It Looks Like
  • Establishing & Casting A Clear & Compelling Vision
  • Embracing Spiritual Formation As A Partnership Between Church & Home
  • Equipping Volunteers To Do The Work Of The Ministry
  • Expanding Leadership Capacity Throughout Your Ministry
  • Engaging Children For Life Change
  • Evaluating Your Ministry From Top To Bottom
  • Envisioning Greater Ministry Than You Ever Thought Possible

In addition, each leader will take 3 assessments – leadership, spiritual giftedness & personality – to help them understand themselves and others that they serve with. We’ll also talk through such topics as time management, personal & ministry organization, and more!

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Workshops, Keynotes & Training For Your Conference or Church ~ See the About Greg Baird page for more details on Greg’s speaking experience. Contact Greg for a list of topics for teachers & leaders, or for a conversation about customized presentations to meet your needs.


c_yount-jones“Greg Baird is one of the most professional children’s ministers I’ve ever worked with. His extensive knowledge of children’s ministry is evident in the numerous articles he’s written for Children’s Ministry Magazine. Greg consistently got the highest evaluations in our national workshops where for years he presented to hundreds of leaders and volunteers. In all my interactions with Greg, I’ve been impressed with his integrity and graciousness. I highly recommend him…!”   Chris Yount-Jones, Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, Group Publishing


jana_alayra2-177x250“I & my husband have had the privilege of hearing Greg as a keynote speaker.  He was clever, organized, clear, concise and very funny!  He gave much needed encouragement to the attendees, and it was obvious they enjoyed him immensely!  I have heard many, many speakers over the years and would rank Greg right up there with the best, especially as he lives what he believes.”  Jana Alayra, Jana Alayra Music

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