3 Questions To Ask About Your Recruiting Strategy

1) Are we recruiting to vision or to need?

When we define and recruit to a compelling vision, we attract people who want to be part of that vision. When we recruit simply to a need, we tend to get people who feel obligated to be there.

Which group would you rather have?

begging2) Are we inviting or begging?

Ministry happens best through relationships. Recruiting happens best through relationships. When we have a relationship, we tend to share what’s important to us, which leads to inviting others to join us in the pursuit of a big vision. Sensing our enthusiasm, and through the trust built through our relationship, others are more likely to accept our invitation.

When someone joins our team because of our plea for help (begging), we?abdicate much of our ability to require high standards, focus on the vision and maintain accountability. In essence, we abdicate much of our ability to lead that person effectively.

3) Are we supporting or abandoning??

Do you know the single best method of recruiting, aside from Jesus’ solution to your recruiting problems (see Matthew 9:38)? It’s keeping the volunteers you already have. Too often I see children’s ministry leaders recruit great volunteers, only to abandon them in their ministry.

Support the ones you have – encourage them, pray for them, resource them – and you’re recruiting challenges will diminish significantly.

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