Complete Children’s & Family Ministry Assessment 

Constant & intentional evaluation is critical to any ministry, but is especially important in the complex & ever-changing world of Children’s & Family Ministry.  We ask the right questions to help you accomplish your ministry vision. We do this through our  Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up, a full evaluation of your ministry, resulting in a complete Assessment Report and a comprehensive Recommended Action Plan. All work is completed online, with an optional on-site observation for added value (no additional cost except travel expense reimbursement).

Phase One: Diagnostics

Typically takes 4 – 6 weeks to complete.


  • Information gathering via:
    • A comprehensive questionnaire focused on critical areas of your Children’s Ministry to be completed by senior leadership, Children’s Ministry staff/core leaders;
    • Easy to complete surveys for volunteers, parents & children (upper elementary);
    • On-site observation of all regular services (optional, travel expenses required);
    • Individual interviews with key leaders (senior level & children’s ministry);
    • On-going interaction with church leadership (for further clarification/interpretation of gathered information).
  • Assessment of gathered information, including (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Internal systems, strategies & structures;
    • Defined vision, mission & goals;
    • Volunteer recruiting, training & nurture practices;
    • Volunteer screening, training & nurture policies;
    • General policies & procedures;
    • Program development & effectiveness;
    • Parent equipping plans, strategies & implementation;
    • Children’s spiritual formation & discipleship strategies & implementation;
    • Printed & online promotional materials;
    • Other areas specific to the Children’s & Family Ministry at your church.
  • 360° Feedback via:
    • A complete Assessment Report on the current state of your Children’s Ministry;
    • A comprehensive Recommended Action Plan to assist in immediately applying the results of your evaluation;
    • A 45 – 90 minute Zoom Follow-up Consultation to discuss the results of your evaluation, as well as to review the Assessment Report and Recommended Action Plan.

Phase Two: Collaboration
(Optional; additional fees required)

3 months of consulting, coaching & support for continued navigation toward desired initiatives & outcomes.


  • Ministry Design
    • Based on findings from the Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up, we will assist in designing a plan for ministry growth and navigation through impending changes. We will collaborate to address all elements of change and how best to pursue them.
  • Consulting Conversations
    • Three (3) scheduled conversations to evaluate, discuss and consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff regarding any element of children’s ministry, but specifically targeting the pursuit of agreed upon initiatives resulting from the Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up
  • Anytime Access
    • Available via phone/email for collaboration to answer questions, advise or otherwise consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff in regards to specific developments or issues within children’s ministry.

Expected Outcomes

  • Complete understanding of current children’s ministry strengths, weaknesses & areas for potential growth
  • Clear perspective of future possibilities with practical recommended steps to achieve your vision in children’s & family ministry
  • Successful navigation through impending changes through ministry design and practical implementation of processes, structures and program
  • Healthier leadership, teams and children’s & family ministry initiatives to support & enhance all areas of your church