A complete & affordable professional search solution for finding your next Children’s or Family Ministry Leader

Why CML Search? 

  • Sole Focus on Children’s & Family Ministry Positions Drawn from A National Network

    • We don’t do searches for any other area of ministry;
    • Our network is based on Greg J Baird’s 25+ years serving in children’s & family ministry, including:
      • Service in high profile churches (such as under the leadership of John Maxwell & David Jeremiah);
      • Speaking nationally (for Group Publishing and at dozens of conferences);
      • Writing for national magazines (numerous articles in Children’s Ministry Magazine, K! Magazine, Outreach Magazine & more, and at Pastors.com & ChurchLeaders.com);
      • Proactive network building with national leaders in Children’s & Family Ministry;
      • An active social media network consisting of nearly 15000 children’s & family ministry leaders.
  • Savings of Time, Resources & Frustration

    • We’re confident you’ll save money by investing your resources in CML Search;
    • You won’t have to:
      • do any of the administration involved in promoting the opportunity;
      • create your own network;
      • process dozens of unqualified candidates;
      • do initial screening and assessments.
  • Non-exclusive Agreement

    • This means that, while we are very confident we can find your next leader, not every candidate is required to come through us (we know you have other sources and you should be able to use them!)
    • Should you find a candidate via another avenue (your network, within the church, referral, etc.) we will waive the contingency portion of the fee (1/3 of total fee). However, upon your request, we will still process the candidate as if we found them ourselves!
  • Optional on-site visit

    • While an on-site visit is ideal prior to the start of a search, it is not required. We understand the dynamics of doing a search for this position.
    • At your request, Greg J Baird is happy to make an on-site visit at no additional cost in order to better understand your church and the opportunity – we just ask you to reimburse travel expenses (air/mileage; hotel; car rental; food).
  • Low, Flat Rate

    • Most search firms will charge at least 20 – 30% of the annual salary of the position (that’s $12000 to $18000 for a $60,000 annual salary position), or a set fee in a similar range, regardless of results.
    • We work with a church-friendly, lower, flat rate.
  • “Retingency” Fee Structure

    • We ask for a partial retainer fee to initiate the process (non-refundable).
    • The balance – contingency fee – is due upon completion of the successful search process (hiring of new staff referred by CML Search)

Looking for more details?

Download the CML Search Overview PDF for:

  • Full description of services
  • Why our process is successful 
  • What to expect during the search for your new leader
  • Our unique fee structure & pricing
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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"Greg seems to know everyone in Children's Ministry! His [the CML Search] network and process produced many great candidates for our Director of Family Ministry position, and we are thrilled with our new team member to lead in this important area of the church."
Jaimie C.
Executive Pastor