Children's Ministry Check Up & Consulting

Our Children’s Ministry Check Up & Strategic Consulting offers a comprehensive assessment of your Children’s and/or Family Ministry resulting in a complete Assessment Report and a comprehensive Recommended Action Plan. This is followed (optionally) by working together to create a Ministry Design and a period of implementation.

The entire process is personally lead by Greg Baird and built around the Children’s Ministry Leader Framework?.

Here is what all of this looks like:

Phase One (Children’s Ministry Check Up): Diagnostics 

Typically takes 4 – 6 weeks to complete.


  • Information gathering via:
    • A comprehensive questionnaire focused on critical areas of your Children’s Ministry to be completed by senior leadership, Children’s Ministry staff/core leaders;
    • Easy to complete surveys for volunteers, parents & children (upper elementary);
    • On-site observation of all regular services;
    • On-site interviews with key leaders (senior level & children?s ministry);
    • On-going interaction with church leadership (for further clarification/interpretation of gathered information).
  • Assessment of gathered information, including (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Internal systems, strategies & structures;
    • Defined vision, mission & goals;
    • Volunteer recruiting, training & nurture practices;
    • Volunteer screening, training & nurture policies;
    • General policies & procedures;
    • Program development & effectiveness;
    • Parent equipping plans, strategies & implementation;
    • Children’s spiritual formation & discipleship strategies & implementation;
    • Printed & online promotional materials;
    • Other areas specific to the Children’s Ministry at your church.
  • 360 Feedback via:
    • A complete Assessment Report on the current state of your Children’s Ministry;
    • A comprehensive Recommended Action Plan to assist in immediately applying the results of your evaluation;
    • A 45 – 90 minute on-site/phone/Skype
    • Follow-up Consultation to discuss the results of your evaluation, as well as to review the
    • Assessment Report and Recommended Action Plan.

Phase Two (Strategic Consulting): Collaboration  3 months of consulting, coaching & support for continued navigation toward desired initiatives & outcomes.


  • Ministry Design
    • Based on findings from the Children’s Ministry Check Up, we will assist in designing a plan for ministry growth and navigation through impending changes. We will collaborate to address all elements of change and how best to pursue them.
  • Consulting Conversations
    • Three (3) scheduled conversations to evaluate, discuss and consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff regarding any element of children’s ministry, but specifically targeting the pursuit of agreed upon initiatives resulting from the Children’s Ministry Check Up
  • Anytime Access
    • Available via phone/email for collaboration to answer questions, advise or otherwise consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff in regards to specific developments or issues within children’s ministry.

Expected Outcomes

  • Complete understanding of current children’s ministry strengths, weaknesses & areas for potential growth;
  • Clear perspective of future possibilities with practical recommended steps to achieve your vision in children’s & family ministry;
  • Successful navigation through impending changes through ministry design and practical implementation of processes, structures and program;
  • Healthier leadership, teams and children’s & family ministry initiatives to support & enhance all areas of your church.


  • Children’s Ministry Check Up & Strategic Consulting
    • $4999 $3499* + travel expenses (transportation, hotel accommodation & food during on-site visit)
  • Children’s Ministry Check Up without Phase 2 Strategic Consulting
    • $3499 $2499* + travel expenses (transportation, hotel accommodation & food during on-site visit)
  • Virtual Children’s Ministry Check Up (includes everything in Phase 1 except any items requiring on-site presence; does not include Phase 2 consulting)
    • $1999 $1299
Shut Down Special Pricing!
* Must be booked by 5 p.m., June 21, 2020, to include:
– Signed agreement
– Start date between 6/21/2020 and 9/1/20
– 50% non-refundable deposit

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Here’s a great resource to offer your families, created by our friends Sweet Sleep. And it’s free!

Check it out!

#VBS #SweetSleepWelcome to the Sweet Sleep Family Experience!
Join us this summer as we explore what life is like for children and families in Uganda. The program is designed to help families have fun experiences together, while learning some important truths about how God provides True Rest, and how we can learn to love and serve others as He calls us to do.

Check out our website for access to all of these FREE activities 🎉
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Fun is not a 4-letter word. 🙂

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Stop begging trying to fill the needs in your ministry! IF people respond, it will likely be only short term. Obligatory service doesn’t inspire people to stick around.

Instead, understand the grand vision we are pursuing by investing in children’s lives for eternity!

Practice articulating that vision and start sharing it in every conversation. It’s a privilege and honor to be part of such important service, so INVITE people into that opportunity.

And, of course, never forget the foundation for building our team, found in Luke 10:2: “These were his [Jesus’] instructions to them: ‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.’”

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