Services to help you "create healthy Children's & Family Ministry" in your church:

All services led and managed by Greg J Baird and are based around the 7 Essentials For Healthy Children’s & Family Ministry framework. Greg  (founder of Children’s Ministry Leader) has spent over 25 years leading in Children’s & Family Ministry. As a pastor, coach, consultant and speaker, he has influenced hundreds of churches and thousands of ministry leaders across the United States and in over 30 countries.

Children's & Family Ministry Check Up

Complete Children’s & Family Ministry Assessment 

Constant & intentional evaluation is critical to any ministry, but is especially important in the complex & ever-changing world of Children’s & Family Ministry.  We ask the right questions to help you accomplish your ministry vision. We do this through our  Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up, a full evaluation of your ministry, resulting in a complete Assessment Report and a comprehensive Recommended Action Plan. All work is completed online, with an optional on-site observation for added value (no additional cost except travel expenses for Greg J Baird).

Phase One: Diagnostics  Typically takes 4 – 6 weeks to complete.


  • Information gathering via:
    • A comprehensive questionnaire focused on critical areas of your Children’s Ministry to be completed by senior leadership, Children’s Ministry staff/core leaders;
    • Easy to complete surveys for volunteers, parents & children (upper elementary);
    • On-site observation of all regular services (optional, travel expenses required);
    • Individual interviews with key leaders (senior level & children’s ministry);
    • On-going interaction with church leadership (for further clarification/interpretation of gathered information).
  • Assessment of gathered information, including (but not necessarily limited to):
    • Internal systems, strategies & structures;
    • Defined vision, mission & goals;
    • Volunteer recruiting, training & nurture practices;
    • Volunteer screening, training & nurture policies;
    • General policies & procedures;
    • Program development & effectiveness;
    • Parent equipping plans, strategies & implementation;
    • Children’s spiritual formation & discipleship strategies & implementation;
    • Printed & online promotional materials;
    • Other areas specific to the Children’s Ministry at your church.
  • 360° Feedback via:
    • A complete Assessment Report on the current state of your Children’s Ministry;
    • A comprehensive Recommended Action Plan to assist in immediately applying the results of your evaluation;
    • A 45 – 90 minute Zoom Follow-up Consultation to discuss the results of your evaluation, as well as to review the Assessment Report and Recommended Action Plan.

Phase Two: Collaboration
 3 months of consulting, coaching & support for continued navigation toward desired initiatives & outcomes.


  • Ministry Design
    • Based on findings from the Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up, we will assist in designing a plan for ministry growth and navigation through impending changes. We will collaborate to address all elements of change and how best to pursue them.
  • Consulting Conversations
    • Three (3) scheduled conversations to evaluate, discuss and consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff regarding any element of children’s ministry, but specifically targeting the pursuit of agreed upon initiatives resulting from the Children’s & Family Ministry Check Up
  • Anytime Access
    • Available via phone/email for collaboration to answer questions, advise or otherwise consult with Senior Leadership and/or Children’s Ministry Staff in regards to specific developments or issues within children’s ministry.

Expected Outcomes

  • Complete understanding of current children’s ministry strengths, weaknesses & areas for potential growth
  • Clear perspective of future possibilities with practical recommended steps to achieve your vision in children’s & family ministry
  • Successful navigation through impending changes through ministry design and practical implementation of processes, structures and program
  • Healthier leadership, teams and children’s & family ministry initiatives to support & enhance all areas of your church 

Children's & Family Ministry Strategic Consulting

Children’s & Family Ministry Strategic Consulting is a collaborative conversation to help you fit together the pieces of your Children’s & Family Ministry puzzle. It typically serves as the second part of the Children’s Ministry Check Up (our full Children’s & Family Ministry assessment), but also can be a stand alone partnership to address any number of different objectives, including:

  • Long & short term ministry planning;
  • Alignment of Children’s & Family Ministry vision & program with other areas of the church;
  • Recruiting & equipping volunteer staff;
  • Solving space & facilities issues;
  • Creating effective spiritual formation processes which engage parents as primary disciplers;
  • Leading change & implementing new program ideas;
  • Staff selection, management & development;
  • Challenges unique to your environment.

Each consulting relationship is unique and customized to your needs, so let’s have a conversation and see what that might look like.

CML Staff Search

A complete and affordable solution for finding your next Children’s and/or Family Ministry Pastor/Director.

Why CML Search? 

  • Complete focus on Children’s & Family Ministry. We don’t do searches in any other area of ministry. 
  • Vast network. Greg J Baird’s 25+ years of coaching, consulting, speaking and serving in Children’s & Family Ministry has created a vast, nationwide network from which to draw candidates from. Children’s Ministry Leader also has one of the largest Children’s & Family Ministry social media bases in the country. 
  • Efficiency. Savings of time, resources and frustration for you. We do the legwork to find qualified candidates so you don’t have to. 
  • Non-exclusive agreement. We’re very confident we’ll find you the best candidate, but why limit your reach? Use all of your networks to look for your next leader. 
  • Low, flat rate. Unlike most search firms, which require 20%-30% of the position’s annual salary (that’s $12-18000 for a $60000 position!), we work with a church-friendly, lower, flat rate.
  • “Retingency” fee structure. We ask for a 50% “retainer” fee to initiate the process (non-refundable). The remaining balance – “contingency” fee – is due upon completion of a successful search. 


Workshops, Keynotes & Training For Your Conference or Church  

See the About Greg Baird page for more details on Greg’s speaking experience. Contact Greg for a list of topics for teachers & leaders, or for a conversation about customized presentations to meet your needs.

Testimonials for Greg’s speaking:

c_yount-jones“Greg Baird is one of the most professional children’s ministers I’ve ever worked with. His extensive knowledge of children’s ministry is evident in the numerous articles he’s written for Children’s Ministry Magazine. Greg consistently got the highest evaluations in our national workshops where for years he presented to thousands of leaders and volunteers. In all my interactions with Greg, I’ve been impressed with his integrity and graciousness. I highly recommend him…!” Chris Yount-Jones, Former Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, Group Publishing


jana_alayra2-177x250“I & my husband have had the privilege of hearing Greg as a keynote speaker. He was clever, organized, clear, concise and very funny! He gave much needed encouragement to the attendees, and it was obvious they enjoyed him immensely! I have heard many, many speakers over the years and would rank Greg right up there with the best, especially as he lives what he believes.” Jana Alayra, Jana Alayra Music